Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage comes from an ancient Buddhist tradition and is a unique combination of yoga, acupressure, meditation, physiotherapy and energy work. It is a holistic therapy form with the aim to restore the natural energy balance in body and mind.

Thai Massage, with its grounding and deeply relaxing qualities, is the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle stresses. With the release of holding and blockages, not only the body can regenerate, but the mind also has a chance to quieten down. 

Thai Massage promotes general health and well-being. Working to release blockages in the body’s energy system, it can help to improve posture, lower back pain, breathing and flexibility. It helps to dissolve muscular tension and can counteract physical and mental exhaustion, stress symptoms and discomfort. The neurological response makes the organs work more efficiently, so digestion and circulation can improve, blood pressure level can normalise and headaches disappear. 


From the first moment of training in this holistic body therapy, I realised that there are endless benefits, some of which can’t actually be described in words, but have to be experienced. But just to name the obvious ones, Thai Yoga Massage can

  • provide deep relaxation
  • energise physically, emotionally and mentally
  • relieve stress symptoms
  • help with headaches, back and neck or other joint pain
  • release physical tension
  • stimulate the nervous system and other vital organs
  • improve digestion and circulation
  • cultivate better quality of sleep
  • restore a natural body-mind balance
  • lead to inner stillness

As a course of treatment, Thai Massage can help you through difficult times or if there is a particular issue or blockage in your body that you would like to work on. 

A couple of demos…