Boutique yoga holiday in Portugal

An escape into the romantic countryside of Portugal. Join me in this idyllic peaceful valley for a week of yoga, relaxation and some pampering. A wonderful opportunity to revitalise body, mind and spirit. 

Brejo Fundeiro is a one hundred year old manor house surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and cork oak trees offering boutique accommodation and a natural, healthy lifestyle. With its swimming pool, courtyard, small fruit orchard and vegetable garden, it is the perfect setting for a week of un-doing and rejuvenation.

About the yoga

The two yoga classes per day offer a fun and in-depth exploration of movement and individual postures with the aim of finding more space in the body and accessing deeper strength and a more congruent alignment. We look for ways to create the conditions in the body so great movement feels effortless.

As we bring the awareness to what is happening inside and where we are in the present moment, the body is encouraged to release where it is holding. The Scaravelli inspired approach is an invitation to play with gravity, free the breath and find space in the body to allow it to move to its full potential. That way the body can start to work deeper and move more freely into yoga postures, exploring how these openings and connections can help us un-do habitual (and potentially painful) holding patterns. 

Yoga must not be practised to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.” (from ‘Awakening the Spine’ by Vanda Scaravelli)

Free time

The rest of the day is free to relax, enjoy the pool or a swim in the nearby lake or river, chill in the many quiet spots around the house, go walking in this stunning nature or be a little more adventurous with the two mountain bikes available for use. To make your experience extra special, we can also arrange any of the following activities:

Wednesday trip to Tomar (included!)
On the Wednesday we will only have yoga in the morning and organise a trip to the historial town of Tomar in the afternoon. 

The Knights Templar castle constructed in the 12th century is a magnificent building. It is one of the largest and most complete castles in Europe. Inside the castle is the wonderful Convent of Christ. Construction began in the 12th century and it was added to over the centuries. Today it is the best preserved Templar church in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The complete tour of the Castle and the Convent will take about two to two and a half hours.

Afterwards we’ll have some time for a little bit of shopping in the old medieval town, and then have dinner out before returning to Brejo Fundeiro. 

Our guide to bring the histpry of this place alive and the entrance fee are all included. You just need to pay for your own dinner that night. If the group has hire cars, obviously you cover your share of the petrol and if we organise transport it will come to around €30 per person. 

Special Meditation Sound Concert (included!)
As a special treat, we will organise a meditative concert session for you. Whilst you are making yourselves comfortable in the Yoga Shala, you will be surrounded by smooth and harmonious sounds that lead to a deep state of relaxation, as if on a journey to the interior. You hear the sound waves and patterns, the deeper sounds and higher ones, rhythms, melodies, sailing in an ocean of sounds, where for a moment, you can explore all inner wisdom. ​

Olive / coconut oil workshops

  • Olive Oil Soap Making €18/person – duration aprox . 1.5 hours, min 2 people 
  • Lip Balm & Moisturizing Bar €18/person – duration aprox . 1.5 hours, min 2 people 
  • Toothpaste & Deodorant €18/person – duration aprox . 1.5 hours, min of 2 people 

Felt course for beginners

  • 25€ for 4 hours over 2 days, all materials included, take completed piece home. Min 4 people.

Wine tasting
This organic wine farm is about 20 mins drive from Brejo Fundeiro. 

  • €5 for tour only without snacks
  • €10 per person with tapas (can all be vegetarian if required)
  • ​tour and tasting takes 1.5 to 2 hours, tasting 4 wines and 1 sweet liquor, plus technical tasting option

Guided walk
If you prefer to have a guide to take you on a walk through the Eukolyptus plantations, over the hills, down to the river or up the highest local mountain for a stunning 360 degree view, 2-hour walks can easily be organised.  

  • €12 for one person
  • 2 to 5 people – €6 per person
  • 6 to 12 people – €4 per person

Stand Up Paddle

  • Great fun with a group of people (needs 12 people) – €35 per person for about 3-4 hours

Boat cruise in Dornes
Take a slow cruise from Dornes with Senhor Hilario. 

  • 20 minute cruise, €5/person, min 8 people on board
  • 60 minute cruise, €10/person, 10-20 people on board

Brejo Fundeiro has a ‘resident’ massage therapist, who we can book for a couple of days if there is interest.

  • Indian head massage – 25 mins – €27
  • Blissfully Relaxing massage – 50 mins – €40
  • Reiki – 50 mins – €40
  • Reflexology – 50 mins – €40
  • Advanced clinical and Myofascial release massage – 50 mins – €47
  • Aromatherapy massage – 50 mins – €47
  • Hot wax massage – 50 mins – €54
  • Relaxing Massage – 75 mins – €60
  • Advanced clinical and Myofascial release massage – 75 mins – €67
  • Myofascial treatment – 75 mins – €67
  • Myofascial release massage treatment – 100 mins – €87
  • Advanced clinical massage fascial treatment – 100 mins – €87

Brejo Fundeiro

Brejo Fundeiro was born from a mix-match of dreams, prompted by the universe, and an urge to lead a more simple and sustainable life. Keith and Torsten fell in love with the property at first sight. It was a chance to reconnect with mother nature and create a homely space where people from all walks of life can come to develop and grow their spiritual journey. 

At Brejo Fundeiro you are made to feel at home with boutique style accommodation, a touch of pampering, good healthy quality food and an amazing location.

The manor house sits in a valley truly surrounded by nature, which makes for a very tranquil and peaceful location. The surrounding eucalyptus forest gives the air an amazing fragrance On the north side there are various ruins and a small active olive orchard, while the south side is taken up by a small working farm. 


There are seven bedrooms, which are all en-suite (apart from one of the triple rooms). Most of the rooms feature a small Juliet balcony in true manor house style. Rooms can be booked on a single or sharing basis (double or twin or triple). Beautiful cotton bed linen and towels are provided and all beds have mosquito nets. 

Yoga Shala

The old barn with exposed beams has been transformed into a yoga studio which is accessible from the courtyard. Two large glass sliding doors frame views over the pool, Eucalyptus forest and grazing sheep in the valley beyond.


The food is made with natural ingredients prepared with care and consideration. The organic, locally sourced, naturally high-in-energy and balanced meals will provide delicious replenishment for body and soul. One evening we will have a BBQ feast!! And Portugal is famous for its excellent fish, so for those who want it, fresh fish can also be served.