Welcome to yoga gestalten

‘Gestalt’ in German means figure or form, and ‘gestalten’ means to shape or create something. So yoga gestalten stands for working with our bodies through yoga. 

Everything we experience in life leaves an imprint on our bodies, which may manifest as tension, stress or other psychosomatic conditions. Through yoga we can reverse the process and by freeing physical tension free the mind and emotions. 

For me, yoga is a never-ending exploration of the body and mind, and a way of discovering the beauty of life. As we bring the awareness to what is happening inside and where we are in the present moment, the body is encouraged to release where it is holding. That way it can start to work deeper and move more freely into yoga postures. Yoga is not about pushing and pulling but about connecting with the breath and allowing to let go, to let be. Then we can embark on a journey of restoration and transformation. 
“Why are we doing yoga? …No motivation, no aims, only an agreeable appointment for the body to look forward to. We do it for the fun of it…”  (Vanda Scaravelli)

Working with the body

My approach to well-being is routed in bodywork. By re-introducing balance into the body, we enable it to fulfil its vast potential of healing itself. I feel very humble and privileged to be working with people in this way. When someone tells me how much better they slept after the previous class, or when someone is able to let go and tears can flow, or when a space has been created for laughter, or when someone walks away from a yoga session with a newly found confidence, or when after a treatment someone tells me that they have felt their body again for the first time in years, I am filled with gratitude to have this as my job.

Working with the heart

During the session, we meticulously tracking the wellbeing of our customers. Peoples are of different ages, health conditions, we must take care of everyone.
We conduct a preliminary health assessment and carefully monitor all changes. We recommend that our clients install the Welltory app on their phones and check heart rate variability during the session to make sure everything is still safe. It drastically improves the safety of our customers, and help our coaches to provide the best service for everyone.

Love & light

Revitalise: Spring yoga and meditation retreat in rural Portugal
~ ​with Maggie Richards & Katrin Heuser

31 March – 2 April 2017
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Boutique yoga holiday in Portugal
22-19 July 2017
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Yoga holiday in Turkey
3-10 July and 9-16 October 2017
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Private yoga tuition over Skype
Are you looking to develop your personal practice? In bespoke 1-2-1 sessions, the focus is on YOU and what YOU want to get out from yoga. 
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Thai Yoga Massage
Looking for deep relaxation and a wonderfully energised feeling? Thai Yoga Massage can relieve stress symptoms, help with headaches, back and neck or other joint pain, release physical tension and restore a natural body-mind balance.
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Yoga City Break to Lisbon
10-13 June 2016
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